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Dress up games, fashion games amd makeover games for teens!

Dress up games and fashion makeovers for teens and older girls!

Spring Break Roadtrip
Dress the girls for a fun spring break and choose a friend to travel with!

Peppy Cop
Have your thought that police uniforms could look a bit better?

Go Girl Fashion
A really clever dress-up game with a design element where you can pick colors and patterns for you clothes!

Girly Trends in 3D
Style her clothes, make-up and accessories and have her model the outfit for you. Don't miss this one!

Adriana Doll Maker Recommended
Excellent game, lots of options. Is it just me or does she look a bit like Jennifer Lopez?

Freestyle with Avery
Design a look for Avery that is sporty and stylish! Plenty of fun sport related accessories.

Cold Days Dressup
Stay warm, cosy and still keep your cool during the cold days of winter!

I-Dressup Girls
Very pretty games with good looking graphics and nice animated backgrounds!

DJ Darby Dress Up
DJ Darby is performing at the new club, dress her for a fun night of playing dance music!

Annie at the Disco
Doll her up for a night of wild dancing!

ELLEgirl Ski Style
Dress up in ski gear and hit the slopes (avoid mountain monsters or game over)!

Sky Breeze Games Recommended
Many really good dress-up games - this one is not to be missed!

Make My Outfit
Dress and accessorize the somber looking girl!

Shopping in the City Recommended
Dress the girls in latest styles to go on a shopping trip in the city!

Head 2 Toe Makeover Game Recommended
A fun, lighthearted makeover game with several models for you to transform.

Dream Maidens
Home of cute dress-up games and doll makers!

EveryGirl's Dress Up 2
Huge dress-up with lots of clothes and you can change the model as well!

Paper Doll Psychology Recommended
Lots and lots of style selection and make-over games. Scroll down the page to find!

Sky Breeze Sunday Brunch Recommended
Dress Sky Breeze and friends for a Sunday brunch in beautiful fall colors!

Ultimate Dress Up Recommended
Great no-frill dress-up with plenty of matching clothes, try all the combinations!

Office Dressup
Dress her up for a day in the office. Remember that you'll have to click a "Start Game" button twice to start the game.

Raya Dress Up Doll Recommended
Excellent dress up game with matching clothes and accessories!

Dress Up in Paris Recommended
Bonjour! Dress the girl for a day of fun in beautiful Paris!

Tudy Doll Recommended
Choose one of four Tudy dolls, style her hair and dress her up! Now with even more cool clothes!

Princess Dressup Recommended
A must visit! Zoom in and out to dress different parts and listed to relaxing music!

Dress Up Maggie Recommended
Click on the arrows to change Maggie's clothes, hairstyle, skin color and background!

Smackers : Dress Me Up Recommended
Pick on of three models and dress her in colorful, fun clothes.

Now you can find the Griselda game on The Fairies.

Dress Up Dream Recommended
More dreamy dress-up, click on "Dress Ups" and check out Bubble trouble!

Goddess Style Dress-Up Game Recommended
Click on the bouquet of flowers to dress Venus and the other goddesses. You can choose your own body build and color most items!

WIP Flash Dress Up
A nice game with everything from jeans to traditional Chinese dresses!

Maeve on the Red Carpet Recommended
Design a fabulous outfit for the perfect red carpet experience!

Super Dress Up Recommended
Very nice game with lots of features, click on the buttons on the left to change her skin color, hairstyle and more. Remember to click on all the numbered boxes for the clothes!

Dress Me Up Yuna version 2 Recommended
A new Yuina with lots of cool clothes and cute accessories. There's also an older chibi version available.

RoiWorld Best games
One of the best dress-up sites, has too many great dress-up games to count!

Maybelline Glow Challenge Recommended
Decide what type of date she's going on and help her get ready!

Pink Bunny Lilli Recommended
Very cute dress-up games, check out the new game Dress Up Lizzy!

Squeeze the Juice Dress Up Recommended
Choose how to dress the girl, lots of retro looking fun clothes. You can color all pieces!

Fashion Girls Dressup Games
Six lovely dress-up games.

Paper Dolls by Charlie Recommended
Three cute games, in french but easy to play.

Birthday Bash
Throw a big birthday party, pick a fabulous dress and invite a celebrity!

Dress to Thrill
Dress the girl with clothes from Kmart and choose a pet to go along with the look! Register or play as a guest.

Dress Up Vinca
Cartoon cute, lots of clothes to mix & match.

Atomic Babes Beauty Salon Recommended
Give Go-Girl a radical makeover from head to toe in the Atomic Babes Beauty Salon! Also a fun fashion challenge game.

My Sweet 16 Recommended
A secret admirer wants to meet you at the dance and you have two hours to get ready. Who is the secret admirer?

Advanced Dress Up Game by MaximK Recommended
Wow, I really like this one! The clothes are so realistic and match so well! A big game that may take a while to load on your computer.

Sky Breeze Back-to -School
Choose two of the girls and get them ready for school!

Amy's Paper Doll Recommended
Dress Amy, a game with lots of clothes and even more personality! Click the buttons to change Amy into something different...

Isabel's Spring Break Dress Up Recommended
Design a perfect outfit for surfing, sunbathing and spring break!

Smackers Cyberdolls
Three dolls, three styles: doll, preppy and boyz.

Doll Wizard Recommended
A good selection of dolls, from glamour to anime and more, with plenty of features! If you want to save your doll you'll have to register.

Swanky Modes
Pick out stylish clothes for the model.

BeingGirl Dress up Game Recommended
Pick a girl and give her a makeover for a night out on the town! Also a UK version.

Not So Lame Dressup Game
Not lame at all and actually quite good!

Charlotte in Paris Recommended
Design a line of clothes to wear to Paris! You can also dress Katani.

MAXIM's fahion doll Recommended
Wow, this one is really good! Lots of realistic mix & match clothes and accessories.

MyScene.com Shopping Spree Recommended
A fun shopping game with Barbie and friends. Now also a "my bling bling" version with sparkly fashions.

My Story is Makeover Recommended
Create your own dress-up diary with daily fashion challenges. Very nice!

Sky Breeze Bikini Team
Pick the right bikini to wear for a fun day at the beach.

Faery Dress-Up Game Recommended
Dress the fairy girl and choose her hairstyle, skin color and expression.

Lady K Dress up
A really nice dress up game with a cheerful model.

Gabi Fashion & Design Recommended
The demo version is good but the full version (if you register) is excellent!

Sharp Shopper
With a budget of $500, choose items from 5 stores.

Character Dress Up Game Recommended
Dress up a girl or a boy, excellent dress up game with lots of nice features.

The Gamesland
Cute dress-up games, dollhouses, room makers and makeover games.

LUVGALZ Recommended
Find under "dressing room". A fun game, attractive layout and music playing.

Fun Park Dressups
A flash game site with a large category of dress up games.

Tonwley Create Your Look
Pick and choose different parts and create your own look.

Yahoo Korean Games for Girls Recommended
A large collection of dress up games, many of them from Roiworld.

Jr Naver Flash Dolls Recommended
Tons of dress up games. In Korean, but easy to follow.

Flash Dolls Internet Explorer
Lots of dress up games. In Korean, but easy to follow.

Dress Up Place
Dress the girls in trendy clothes and hairdos to match.

Finished already? Why don't you check out some more dress up games with girls?

Best games = the very best of the best!
Recommended = recommended websites.
Internet Explorer = only works in Internet Explorer.
Requires registration = requires registration.