Saturday, March 29, 2008


Check out this list of games from eLouai, a great web site with some of the best doll makers, room makers and scene creators you can find online!

Dress up Candybar Boys
Time to dress up the boys in snappy outfits! Add text and e-mail your creation to your friends.

Mini Dolls
Create cute animated graphics, small enough to be used as avatars or just for fun!

Dress Up Candybar Girls
This is a huge dollmaker and you can use the doll on your own blog or website (get URL), e-mail, print and save!

Naruto Avatar Characters
Create all your favorite Naruto characters, Sakura, Kakashi, Temari and Naruto!

Pokemon Playground
This is a Pokemon story creator, where you can make your own story with Pikachu and the other Pokemons!

City Creator
Test your urban planning skills with this neat city creator!

Harry Potter Doll Maker
You don't have to be a fan of the Harry Potter books and films to enjoy this fantastic doll maker, but it sure doesn't hurt! I'm so looking forward to "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" which is due Christmas 2008!

OneClick Room Maker
This is probably the best room maker online, it's so easy to use and everything just looks great. The final touch is adding the DreamWiz characters to the room!

Hompy Room Maker
Now this is a fun room maker and you can create all kinds of scenes with these cute animated graphics. I made a club full of people dancing and having fun!

Teddy Bear Room Maker
I like using this game to create comic scenes with the likeable teddy bears, the funny words (onomatopoeia) make the scenes look like real cartoons!

Gaia Online Avatar Maker
If you're a Gaia Online user or just a fan of anime you're bound to like this one!

Barbie Mini Dolls
Build fun scenes with the animated happy kids and the cute pets!

Let me guess, you're a person who likes room makers, scene makers and doll makers. Correct?

Best games = the very best of the best!
Recommended = recommended websites.
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Requires registration = requires registration.

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